Who You Are is taking the place of the 3 previous albums I put on here. I am going to delete those albums and replace them with this one.

Tracks Edit

  1. We Will Fight Again
  2. Who You Are
  3. Think About You
  4. Rise Up
  5. Turn Up The Power
  6. All I Have
  7. Forever
  8. Where We Belong
  9. How Hard Can It Be
  10. Closer
  11. Maybe I'll Be Round A While
  12. Joy
  13. Heroes of the Heart (DELUXE EDITION)
  14. We Wanna Win (DELUXE EDITION)
  15. Who You Are (Acoustic) (DELUXE EDITION)
  16. Turn Up The Power (Telemetry re-mix) (DELUXE EDITION)


  • Think About You
  • Rise Up
  • Turn Up The Power
  • Where We Belong
  • Closer

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