"Joy" is another one of my songs. It is on the album "Who You Are". It is on my 16th WOW Hits 2018 prediction


VERSE 1 Edit

I heard them calling you unworthy of the love that he has given you. I heard them calling you ashamed of the sins that you have done. But, you are not alone. I know you don't deserve it but he still gives it to you. I don't deserve it either but he still gives it to me. His love brings joy. Our god brings joy.


I've got joy in my heart, in my soul. I will take it anywhere I go. I've got joy down in my lungs, I breathe air of joy. You are my god, and you are my joy.

VERSE 2 Edit

I am still wondering why am I not dead? Why had God protected me so long. You are protected too, God loves you.



Our god brings joy. Our god brings love. Our god brings everything to us through Jesus. Jesus. Joy down in my heart. Joy down in my soul. Joy down in my lungs. Breathing air of joy (2x)

(CHORUS x2) Edit

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